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We provide high level, investment forecasting services, offer investors with insights and assistance, one-to-one guidance on investment trends and access to collectable and tradable investation. 

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Unearned Profit

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Trading strategies are automated and give a positive result based on a set of signals for the long term.

Calculate the profit that you would get using our trading strategies. The calculator uses real historical trading data for the main cryptocurrencies.


Trade Process

01. Connect

Choose an exchange, a trading pair and a strategy.

02. Subscription

Pay for a subscription to your chosen strategy.

03. Trade

Receive notifications about trading signals and bot orders on the exchange.

04. Profit

Increase the balance of your trading account.


Frequently asked questions

Holdice is a cloud trading bot that allows you to take advantage of the cryptocurrency market fluctuations. It automates the trading process and saves you time.

No, Holdice is a software application designed to automate your cryptocurrency trading. We do not store cryptocurrency and do not have access to user funds.

At the moment, we only support working with Binance. In the near future, support will appear for other major exchanges.

A trading bot works with your exchange account through the official API. When creating an API key, you limit requests for withdrawal of funds from your account and the exchange is a guarantee of the safety of your balance.

To register, you need to connect the Telegram @holdicebot bot, select the exchange you are interested in, a trading pair and one of the strategies.

Trading strategies vary in profitability, local drawdown risk and transaction frequency.

Profitability strategies are based on historical trade data. Thanks to back tests, we check the effectiveness of trading signals and include only those that have passed the test of time in the strategy.

To get the API keys, use the official instructions for the exchange:

To make a deposit, use the official instructions for the exchange:

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